Dr. Michelle Smith - Veterinarian


Dr. Michelle Smith graduated from Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2009.

She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Oklahoma State University. Dr. Smith moved from Oklahoma, where she was born and raised, to Texas in July 2017.

Dr. Smith was interested in all types of animals at a very early age. She worked in veterinary clinics all through high school and college as well as volunteering at the Tulsa and Oklahoma City zoos. She has experience working in both corporate and private medicine. Although she has always loved dogs and cats, her true interest lies in exotic and wildlife medicine. She has worked with a variety of animals ranging from rhinos, lions, and elephants to raptors, reptiles, tortoises, pocket pets, and wildlife. She spent 6 years doing wildlife rehabilitation with the Tulsa WING IT organization where she rehabilitated native squirrels, opossums, and turtles.

Dr. Smith shares her home with 5 rescued pets: a Bengal, a tabby, a boxer mix, a lab mix, and a red-footed tortoise.

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